Scheme For Ground Water Consultant Organizations (GWCO)

About Ground Water Consultant Organization (GWCO) Scheme

Groundwater is preferred source for water due to its easy accessibility and low cost. It has resulted in indiscriminate extraction of Ground Water resources in various parts of the country.

NOC for Groundwater withdrawal is statutory requirement for most developmental and industrial activities as well as in agricultural areas. In our country regulators are increasingly relying on independent third-party declarations of compliance to support their enforcement and monitoring activities as they demonstrate compliance against defined CGWA guidelines. National Accreditation Board for Education & Training (NABET), a constituent board of the QCI has developed a voluntary accreditation Scheme with inputs from various stakeholders including experts in the field, regulatory agencies, consultants etc., and launched it in January 2020

Accreditation Committee Meeting

Committee & Secretariat

Accreditation Register

  • Annexure I : Application form for IADownload
  • Annexure IA: Application form for SADownload
  • Annexure IB: Application form for RADownload
  • Annexure ID: Application for Supplementary AssessmentDownload
  • Annexure IF: Report on work done by FAA/TMDownload
  • Annexure II : Project SectorsDownload
  • Annexure II A – Grouping of Sectors with Functional area requirementsDownload
  • Annexure IV: Resume formatDownload
  • Annexure VI A1: List of EIAs prepared during the period between IA and SA or between SA & RADownload
  • Annexure VIA4: EIA Coordinator –Experience since ApprovalDownload
  • Annexure VIA5:Functional Area Expert – Experience since ApprovalDownload
  • Annexure VII: Format for signed declaration of experts involved in the EIADownload
  • Annexure VIII: Self- Assessment ChecklistDownload
  • Annexure1_Application Form for NABET Initial AccreditationDownload
  • Annexure1A_Application Form for NABET Surveillance AssessmentDownload
  • Annexure1B_Application Form for NABET Re-AccreditationDownload
  • Annexure1C_Application Form for NABET Application form for Supplementary AssessmentDownload
  • Annexure1D_Application Form for information on Team MemberDownload
  • Annexure2_Resume FormatDownload
  • Annexure3_Declaration for Empanelled ExpertsDownload
  • Annexure4A_List of Hydrological Reports On going CompletedDownload
  • Annexure4B_Details of Laboratories UtilizedDownload
  • Annexure4C_Project Coordinator_Experience since last approvalDownload
  • Annexure4D_Technical Area Expert_Experience since last approvalDownload
  • Annexure5_Declaration by Experts contributing to the Hydrogeological Report.docDownload
  • Annexure6_Self-Assessment ChecklistsDownload
  • Annexure7_Declaration of Accepting NABETs Code of ConductDownload
  • Annexure8_Outline of Hydrogeological Report for obtaining NOCDownload
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