Accreditation Scheme for Exploration Agencies for Mineral Sector

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Accreditation Scheme for Exploration Agencies for Mineral Sector

The Scheme for Accreditation of Agencies for taking up Mineral Exploration has evolved from the Notification dated 12th August 2021 of Ministry of Mines (MoM). The scheme is innovatively designed and being launched purposefully in accordance with the national initiative.
QCI – NABET has developed the Scheme for Accreditation of agencies intending to take up Mineral Exploration and will be applicable for all the major minerals for which policy enactments are made by Ministry of Mines. The QCI – NABET shall grant accreditation to Exploration Agencies for undertaking exploration and preparations of Geological Report (GR) in accordance with the rules/ guidelines prescribed/ specified under the MMDR Act, MEMC Rules 2015 and amendments thereafter.
With the amendment to MMDR Act in 2015, the activities related to exploration were only done through Central and State Government companies/agencies for auction of mineral blocks. MMDR Amendment Act 2021 by amending the section 4 allows the private explorers also to work towards identification of new blocks suitable for auction. The government has also proposed to fund the private explorers through the National Mineral Exploration Trust. The amended Act is set to redefine the standard of exploration required for auctioning of greenfield/partially explored mineral blocks.
Therefore, there is a requirement of verified private Exploration and to fast track the exploration and Mining activities in the country. Keeping above in view, QCI-NABET is proposing a credible ‘Scheme of Accreditation for Exploration in Mineral Sector’ specifying the requirements for Exploration to augment the activity.

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