Accreditation Scheme for Forest Clearance Consultant Organization


It has been observed that for the Forest Clearance Approvals the users find it difficult in compilation of documents for diverting forest area to non-forestry use under the provisions of forest (Conservation) Act 1980 (FCA 1980). Due to the reason users face long delays in obtaining the clearances for the genuine needs of the state leading to loss of productive time.
In view of above, there is a requirement of verified Organizations and to fast track the Forest Clearance activities in the country. Keeping above in view, QCI-NABET is proposing a credible ‘Scheme of Accreditation forForest Clearance Consultants Organization” specifying the requirements for Forest Clearance to augment the activity.
QCI – NABET has developed the Accreditation Scheme for Forest Clearance Consultant Organization intending to take up the work for Forest Clearance. The QCI – NABET shall grant accreditation to Forest Clearance Consultants Organization for undertaking Forest Clearance and preparations of Quality Report in accordance with the rules/ guidelines prescribed/ specified by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) under Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980

Accreditation Committee Meeting

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