About Ground Water Consultant Organization (GWCO) Scheme

Groundwater is preferred source for water due to its easy accessibility and low cost. It has resulted
in indiscriminate extraction of Ground Water resources in various parts of the country.
NOC for Groundwater withdrawal is statutory requirement for most developmental and industrial
activities as well as in agricultural areas. In our country regulators are increasingly relying on
independent third-party declarations of compliance to support their enforcement and monitoring
activities as they demonstrate compliance against defined CGWA guidelines.
National Accreditation Board for Education & Training (NABET), a constituent board of the
QCI has developed a voluntary accreditation Scheme with inputs from various stakeholders
including experts in the field, regulatory agencies, consultants etc., and launched it in
January 2020

Accreditation Scheme

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APA/MPPA Accreditation

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Accreditation Scheme for Prospecting/Exploration Agencies (APA) & Mining Plan Preparing Agencies(MPPA)

The fundamentals of Exploration include area selection, target definition, resource evaluation, reserve estimation followed by Mining Plan to determine the economic feasibility & optimizing the exploitation of mineral reserves sustainably.

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Accreditation Scheme

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