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NABET : Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the services of NABET?
    NABET, National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET), a constituent Board of Quality Council of India is engaged in offering the following services     

    1. Accreditation for Schools

    2. Accreditation of Training Course Providers, Vocational Training courses

    3. Accreditation of Consultants and Consultant Bodies

    4. Accreditation of Personnel Certification Bodies 

  • What is the difference between NRBPT and NABET?
    NABET was earlier known by the name of NRBPT or National Registration Board for Personnel and Training. 

  • Why should I seek accreditation of NABET?
    Some of the benefits of NABET accreditation include:

    1. Use of NABET logo - a mark of quality

    2. Recognition of competence and capability

    3. Publicity through QCI web site and publications

    4. Verification mechanism for continual improvements

    5. Growth in business

    A number of organizations give preference to NABET accreditations thereby giving your business an edge over others. 

  • Are NABET accredited courses being conducted outside India also?
    NABET accredited courses are being conducted in Europe (Turkey, Germany), Middle East (U.A.E., Oman, Saudi Arabia etc.), Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka).

  • How can I empanel as an Assessor for different NABET services?
    For each accreditation services, NABET empanels Assessors. The Assessors have to qualify as per the requirements pertaining to the particular accreditation services. Besides educational & technical qualifications, experience etc, the focus is to ensure that there is no conflict of interest in any way. It means if you are conducting training in a particular sector, then you cannot be an assessor for accreditation for that particular sector. 
    For more details you may refer to the Assessor empanelment procedure for each sector. 
    In case you meet all requirements then you should forward your resume in the prescribed format to Director, NABET for further action. If found suitable during preliminary assessment, you would be called for an interview with a panel of experts thereafter.

  • Is accreditation of schools, EIA Consultant Organizations etc mandatory by law?
    At present accreditation of schools etc is not mandatory but accredited bodies do get preference over non accredited bodies.
    A number of other government subsidy schemes are linked to accreditation.

  • Can I suggest changes in NABET accreditation criteria?
    Yes, you can suggest changes in the criteria. These will be referred to the panel of experts and the NABET Board. Changes will be incorporated if accepted.

  • How can I lodge a complaint for deficiency in service?
    In case any of the staff members below the rank of Director, the complaints can be sent to Director, NABET at nabet@qcin.org.
    For any complaints pertaining to the Director, these can be sent to the Secretary General, QCI.


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