Skill Certification


Skill Development Initiative on Modular Employable Skill (MES) has been developed in close consultancy with Industry, State Governments & Experts in pursuance of excellence in vocational
training. MES is ‘Minimum Skill Set’ which is sufficient to get an employment in the world of work.MES allows skills upgradation /formation, multi entry and exist, vertical and horizontal mobility and lifelong learning opportunities in a flexible manner and allows reorganization of prior learning. The skill is to be assessed by the Assessing Body mainly from the Industry organizations. NCVT issues certificate of skills acquired through informal means/competence assessed.

DGE&T appoints Assessing Bodies to assess the competencies of the trained persons. The Assessing Body is an independent agency, which will not be involved in conducting the training programmes. This, in turn, will ensure quality of training and credibility of the scheme. Keeping in view the target of providing training/testing of one million persons throughout the country and to avoid monopoly, more than one assessing bodies are appointed for a sector or an area. The assessing bodies also assist DGET to develop qualifications and standards for assessment through research and interaction with industry, trainers and academia. Assessing Bodies are required to get Accreditation from National Accreditation Board for Education and Training



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