NABET : Policy

National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) shall strive to provide services to its customers in accordance with the national and international standard norms & guidelines. It is committed to provide fair and equal opportunity to all the applicants with highest regard to impartiality, transparency, integrity and confidentiality. It is essential for all levels of our organization to strive for excellence and continual improvement.

NABET Board will continue to strive for the international recognition of its accreditation schemes through international and regional forums like IAF, PAC etc. and through bilateral and multilateral recognition arrangements.


NABET : Objectives

The Objectives of NABET are :

  1. To be equally accessible to all applicants who wish to be accredited as per criteria of the NABET, within its scope and capability and within the geographical limitations decided by NABET Board.
  2. To maintain and upgrade criteria in line with international requirements/ developments to foster improvement in the quality of accreditations with the support of various stakeholders.
  3. To be impartial in its decision on criteria and process of Accreditation being operated by NABET.
  4. To seek mutual and international recognition of the Accreditation schemes.
  5. To be financially self-sufficient to conduct its business professionally.



NABET : Achievements

  • First organization in the world to offer accreditation of consultant and consultant organizations in various conformity assessment areas.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment is the first of its kind in the world. Notice to this effect issued in 2016.
  • ZED-> Zero Effect Zero Defect.Tested Maturity Assessment Model facilitating and rating SMES based on 50 Quality & Environment parameters.
  • NABET accreditation for ITI's mandatory for seeking NCVT affiliation under MSDE Since 2012.
  • Accreditation of personal Certification Bodies (PCB) under ISO 17024 offered.
  • Institutionalized Accreditation for schools nationality & internationally.
  • Established Accreditation Scheme for BMOS.
  • Key organisation functioning as NMIU for MoMSME for lean.
  • NABET is Member of International Accreditation Forum.


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