NABET : Board

Terms of Reference of the Board

The Board is responsible for the accreditation schemes conducted by NABET. This responsibility includes:

  1. Formulation of policy relating to the operation and administration of the schemes of NABET.

  2. Final approving authority for all criteria related to accreditation schemes of the Board.

  3. Review of the performance of the Board on a periodic basis.

  4. Establishing various committees and identifying individuals as required and delegating specific activities to them on its behalf.

  5. Specifying the conditions of granting, maintaining, extending, suspending and withdrawing accreditation and then implementing the same based on the assessment and other relevant information of the applicant.

  6. Seeking mutual recognition of its schemes with other countries, international and regional   forums.

  7. Cooperating with other constituents and boards of Quality Council of India to exchange information to improve the accreditation and accreditation system.

  8. Constantly upgrading the schemes in line with international developments, to meet the needs of the industry on long-term basis.

  9. Identifying the possible liabilities arising out of its operations and/or activities and making arrangements to safeguard against such liabilities.

  10. Review of the financial status to ensure financial independence of the Board. Review includes approval of the fee structure, compensation to be paid to the part- time empanelled personnel and review of financial statements of the Board.

  11. Ensuring that the Board does not undertake any other activity that conflicts with the impartiality of the activities of the other Boards and constituents of Quality Council of India.  It also ensures that the activities of the related bodies do not affect the confidentiality, objectivity or impartiality of its services 

  12. Ensuring financial stability and provision of resources required to perform the services.

  13. Maintaining an appropriate system and procedure for resolution of complaints, disputes and appeals received from other parties about the handling of the accreditation and related matters.

  14. Approving the assessors and/or experts who will be deployed by the Board for carrying out assessment and other activities.

  15. Delegating authority to implement the decisions of the Board to Director of NABET.

  16. Approval Accreditation Committee and Technical Committee members formed within NABET.

 The terms of reference is communicated to all the Board members in the Board Meeting.

Board Structure

The Board comprises of Seventeen members including the Chairman. The Seventeen members represent different groups of stakeholders to ensure impartiality in decision-making and to ensure that no single interest prevails. The representation on the board is as per the details below

S.No. Head Number Organization


Members of Association


  • CII  - Chairman


Member of Consumer


  • Center for Science and Environment


Labour/ DGET


  • DGE&T


Ministry of HRD


  • MHRD




  • MoEF


Heads Technical Committee

  • EIA Technical Committee
  • School Technical Committee
  • Quality Management System
  • Skill Training
  • Skill Certification




Head Accreditation Committee

  • EIA Technical Committee
  • School Technical Committee
  • Quality Management System
  • Skill Training
  • Skill Certification


Total 17  


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